Resin-based grip enhancer can be kept in pocket


Lewiston, Idaho (January 26, 2014) The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has included Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer, the world’s leading producer and marketer of resin-tackified grip towels, as an approved drying agent that can be kept in a pitcher’s pocket.

The approval aligns the organization with the majority of softball governing bodies including the NCAA, the American Softball Association (ASA), the International Softball Federation (ISF), as well as others. The NFHS has also approved Gorilla Gold for use by baseball pitchers.

 “We have determined that this product meets the specification in the rules,“ Theresia Wynns, Director of Sports and Officials Education for NFHS said. “The GG towel may be kept in the pocket. The pitching hand needs to be wiped off before taking the ball from the glove,” she added.

In the current ruling, pitchers cannot have residue on the ball. Like rosin, Gorilla Gold does not affect the ball, only the fingers or hands to which the drying agent is first applied.

According to Wynns, “The NFHS does not endorse Gorilla Gold, but would attest to the approval of a pitcher using the product.”


About Gorilla Gold

Each Gorilla Gold towel is impregnated with a light resin formula that can improve feel and control, and is especially effective in wet or cold conditions. In addition to softball and baseball, Gorilla Gold is used in nearly every sport where a good grip is required including golf, soccer (goalkeepers), racquet sports, rugby, cricket, track and field, and football.

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